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Fans are the lifeblood of any creator; whether that means by simply showing up or financially is up to the individual creator, but most of us create so our work can be seen by you. You can help us support the creators in our community by becoming a subscriber on Patreon (and you'll also get some added perks) or becoming a sponsor of the Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance or our newsletter, The Philly Podium (or both!). Money brought into the PPSCAA helps support our authors, artists, podcasters, comedians, etc., and the events we help put together to showcase these creators.


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Podcasting 101 - COMING SOON!

A workshop to help you launch and grow your podcast.

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Join the discussion in our Facebook Group, Discord (Coming Soon!), attend a virtual or in-person event, and connect with other creatives.

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Virtual and in-person community events for both pleasure and network and performative events as small as a 1-2 hour show and as large as a multi-day festival.

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  • Free or Low-Cost
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    • Podcast Training
    • Publicity for Your Podcast
    • Event Planning for Your Podcast
  • First to Know bout Live (and Notice to Apply to) Events
    • 1 to 2-Hour Shows
    • Multi-Day Festivals
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  • Benefits We're Looking to Incorporate into Membership
    • Discounts at local gear stores
    • Low-Cost/Discounts on Studio Rentals
    • Low-Cost/Discounts on Venue Rentals